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We'll pick up clothing based on your individual tastes and needs that fits right and combine everything into a functional personal style.
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Online stylist will tell you about how we work. Then we'll ask you some questions on your look, style and budget. No spam or calls.
Our privacy policy is here. We won't share your personal data.
Our Styling Service
Our stylist will send you several pictures and links of curated outfits. You preview and order what you love. You can try on each item at home. Keep only what you want.
Nataly, Photographer @natalex777
Size: 6
Color type: soft warm
Body type: rectangular
Body features: long neck, small breasts
Style: relaxed casual, oversized
Irine, Marketing Director
Size: 12
Color type: clear cool
Body type: round, plus size
Body features : big breasts, full arms
Style: business, business casual
Daria, IT manager, @besmartmomnow
Size: 4
Color type: deep warm
Body type: rectangular
Body features: big breasts, short legs
Style: casual
Ksenia, Entrepreneur @mne.tak.mozhno
Size: 4
Color type: light cool
Body type: hourglass
Body features : long neck, short legs
Style: business casual
Instead «Before and After»
Our clients' pictures from fitting rooms and not only
How it works
Fill out your style quiz
Enter in your style preferences, price, sizing and lifestyle. If you have any questions get in touch with our stylist. Pay 30$ for 3 outfits.
Curate looks
Within 3 days your stylist will create and share with you pictures of clothing sets and links on these items in local online shops. If necessary, the stylist will refine the sets. Or we will refund the money.
Order what you love

Try everything on at home. You can keep what you like or return whatever you don't plan on keeping.
Advise and assist online

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Our stylist will help you online during the fitting process and replace disliked items.
Why us?
If you don't like to waste your time on exhausting shopping, our stylists are here to help you. Now you can look great everyday without leaving your home.
Everything's matching together
All new garments are combined. We are not looking for a good blouse or a skirt only but outfits. You can dress almost with eyes shut and look gorgeous.
Rational Approach
Your closet works perfectly to your unique personal style and your life. It contains everything you need to feel confident and inspired - no more and no less.
To look like a million dollars
Our stylist will figure out the DNA of your personal style and weave it into your daily realm.
Ethical Consumption
The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters in the world. By carefully choosing what to buy you can help to change the world. Minimum garments - maximum outfits.
Our plans include
Personal online consultation with our stylist.
Handpicked pictures of outfits and the clothing links before your ordering.
If necessary our stylist will refine the sets or we'll refund the money.
3 outfits
10 outfits
3 outfits picked for you by professional stylist
How can our stylist contact you to discuss your preferences and send you clothing sets?
Our privacy policy is here.
3 outfits picked for you by professional stylist
How can our stylist contact you to discuss your preferences and send you clothing sets?
Our privacy policy is here.
3 outfits picked for you by professional stylist
How can our stylist contact you to discuss your preferences and send you clothing sets?
Our privacy policy is here.
Unlimited shopping
We are not limited to the range of clothing of certain brands. We'll find your item among numerous brands and online shops.
design and multi-brand showrooms and online shops
1 000 000+
clothing and accessories
1 241
Clients dressed
What if an item doesn't fit?
You just send it back to the shop. But all the items are hand selected by our stylist. The most of pieces fit you perfectly.
What shall I do with the rest of my closet?
We can edit your closet thoroughly. Just ask your stylist directly when we contact you. Our stylists apply this info during your next shopping, curate dozens of stylish looks from your clothing, suggest new pieces according to your budget.
Do the items from different sets match with each other? Can I mix them?
We select holistic clothing sets. Filling out the form, you choose a palette: all the outfits are selected based on this palette, so pieces from different sets can be combined with each other.
What is the price range of curated clothing?
We will select the items based on your budget, that you chose filling out the quiz. We work with wide range of brands including mass market and luxury brands such as Zara, Massimo Dutti, Mango, Furla, Michael Kors, Max Mara, Balenciaga and others.
What if I don't like anything?
If you don't like the work our stylist will ask you several questions and refine the sets. Or we will refund the money instead.
How long I have to wait before the job's done?
After filling out the quiz we'll process it. Our stylist will send you pictures of ready made clothing sets, links on these items and prices within 2-3 days.
I am Nataly, stylist and founder of Marla Style. I do not like shopping malls: they are noisy and obsessive. So in 2012 I invented and created my first styling service which evolved to Marla so that both me and my clients can look great and not go shopping.

When a woman comes out from the fitting room in «HER» dress, her posture and look change, she takes off a bit and seems higher. It's a miracle, and I like being involved.

I work with an international team of stylists from three countries. We have dressed more than 1,000 people worldwide: in the United States, Canada, Belgium, France, Italy, Russia, the Czech Republic, China, the Netherlands, Switzerland and South Africa.

Our clients are entrepreneurs and moms, top managers and photographers, designers and accountants. It's often all at the same time. You can always email me directly

Marla Style creator, team builder, stylist
Our Team
Our stylists have graduated from Art Image, Bogomolov' Image School, High School of Stylistics. Every stylist goes through thorough selection, training and practice before working with us.
Leading stylist
Creates style from image to wardrobe. Playing coach: teaches young stylists
The author of the most feminine and tender capsules
Organizes work process. The most reliable person
Anush dresses people from China to the US. She has an endless energy boost
Curates outfits.Works with contrasts like no one else
Technical designer
Makes our documents good looking
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